Quitclaim Deeds in California

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Real estate often has numerous variables involved and even if you own a piece of property, it is not uncommon to make changes to the land that you own. Under certain circumstances, your desire to make changes may require you to use a quitclaim deed. While these deeds are fairly simple to fill out, knowing when to use one can be complex and often warrants the counsel and knowledge of a Burbank real estate lawyer.

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How do I know if I need a quitclaim deed?

The process of buying and selling real estate often entails numerous transactions related to the transferring of ownership. A quitclaim deed is directly related to ownership transfers when the property is not actually being sold. Oftentimes, quitclaim deeds are used when property is being transferred amongst family members.

The following scenarios may require the use of a quitclaim deed:

  • Property owner gets married and wants to add the spouse to the title
  • Property owners divorce and one spouse wants to be removed from the title
  • Grandparents are gifting property to their grandchildren
  • Property is being put into a family trust

Most quitclaim deeds require specific information before they’re considered valid. This information includes the grantor and grantee names, a legal description of the property, the county where the property was purchase, and signatures of both a notary public and the grantor.

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