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There is a bond that forms between pets and their owners. They change our lives and become a part of our families. It is only natural to want to provide for them in the event that something should happen and we are unable to be there, either temporarily or permanently.

Do you want to secure your pet's future? If so, then you need the assistance of our experienced Burbank pet trust lawyer to create a trust for your pet. Speak with Shelley Rios today.

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Burbank Pet Trust Lawyer: Protecting Animal Welfare

A pet trust is a legally enforceable document. Its purpose is to ensure that your pet receives the type of care you would have provided, should you die or become disabled or otherwise incapacitated. In the trust, you name a caregiver for your pet, and a trustee who will use the money or property you put in the trust for the benefit of your pet.

There are 2 basic types of pet trusts – statutory and testamentary. A testamentary trust goes into effect upon your death, but it cannot be funded until your will is probated. A probate can be a fairly lengthy process, and the funds you provide will not be available for your pet's care until the process is complete. A statutory trust goes into effect when it is created. You can act as the original trustee and name successor trustees in your trust. This form of trust can provide information about the routines and likes and dislikes of your pet, and ensure that they are respected. The statutory trust is the type that best serves most pet owners.

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