Understanding California Grant Deeds

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When a piece of real estate is involved in a transaction, the buyer expects to be assured of certain things before they sign any paperwork. Confidence in the property they’re purchasing and in the seller’s intentions are important for success, hence the need for a California grant deed. This document is often used in the transfer of property ownership as a way to guarantee various factors to the seller. Whether you’re on the buying or the selling end of a real estate transaction, you may benefit from the peace of mind that comes with retaining Attorney Shelley Rios.

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What is the purpose of a grant deed?

A grant deed finds itself in the middle of quitclaim deeds and warranty deeds in regards to the amount of guarantees it provides. Its main purpose is to transfer a property title and show proof that one person actually owns the property. A grant deed is important because if a property dispute ever occurs, the deed is often checked to verify ownership.

A grant deed offers a buyer two guarantees:

  • That the property has not been sold to anyone else
  • That the house is not under any restrictions which have not been shared with the buyer

These guarantees inspire confidence in any buyer, both in the property they are purchasing and in the trustworthiness of their transaction. The buyer no longer has to worry about the possibility of any taxes owed on the property that might prohibit their purchase.

Grant deeds are similar to other deeds in that they require certain piece of information to be considered legitimate. A granting clause, buyer and seller names, property descriptions, and signatures are all necessary in the state of California. Before you pursue a grant deed, it may be wise to obtain trusted legal counsel. Attorney Rios has nearly 15 years of experience and awards to validate her assistance.

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