Burbank Trust Administration Attorney

Toluca Lake & Glendale Uncontested Trust Administration Lawyer

Trust administration requires a great deal of knowledge about many different financial and procedural aspects pertaining to estate law. To administer a trust well, that individual needs to know about, not only trusts, but estate planning, probate law, estate taxes, fiduciary income taxes as well as state and federal tax law. A Burbank real estate, probate, wills and trusts attorney may be able to help you with uncontested trust administration and all that it involves.

Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping clients come to a full understanding on their responsibilities and duties as a trust administrator and make sure that he or she is covered when it comes to legal requirements.

The administrative responsibilities for a living trust go to a successor trustee in the event of the settlor's (creator of the trust) death. The duties of the successor trustee as the trust administer include a great deal of accounting for the estate including inventory and appraisals, a Notice to Beneficiaries, state and federal tax assessment, fiduciary income taxes and estate taxes if applicable. It is absolutely crucial that the trust administer keeps all records and fiduciary duties well documented and up to date at all times.

How a Burbank Trust Administration Attorney Can Help

Because a trust administrator may be dealing with many beneficiaries and there are so many things to keep track of, it is wise to have the help of a Burbank trust administration lawyer familiar with this area of probate law. If any mistakes are made or if there is any slightest hint of mismanagement, whether intentional or not, you can be held liable and culpable for any losses to the estate or tax penalties due to mismanagement. An attorney with the firm has helped clients prevent such actions by ensuring proper administration occurs in uncontested cases. Trust administrators should always have the legal support of an attorney skilled in estate planning and probate law.

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