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Although your pet is a loving friend and loyal companion to you, under the law, your pet is considered to be property. Animals cannot legally own property, and therefore, you cannot bequeath money or property to your pet in your will. However, you can provide for your pet in your estate planning, with the help of an experienced Burbank animal law attorney.

Attorney Shelley Rios is the founder and Treasurer of The Animal Protectorates™ (TAPS), a non-profit corporation dedicated to animal welfare. We handle all types of animal law, including pet custody, pet trusts, HOA breed discrimination, and food safety and labeling for animals. We have taken on all types of animal welfare cases, from dog defense to suing companies for cruelty or gross negligence toward animals. We believe that animals have rights, just as humans do, and we can assist you with your estate planning for your pet.

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Although you cannot leave money to your pet in your will, you can leave your pet to someone you trust. You can also leave money to that person for the purpose of your pet's care, but how that money is used is not legally enforceable. However, if you really trust the person you choose to care for your pet, it will your pet will be in good hands and lead a happy life.

It is a good idea to name an alternate caretaker for your pet, in case your first choice is unable to serve in that function. Changes occur in people's lives. Allergies can develop, or there could be a change in location to a place that is unsuitable or where pets are not allowed. If you are unable to find a trusted person who is willing and able to care for your pet after you die, programs exist – such as rescue organizations, SPCA programs, and veterinary school programs – that allow you to leave your pet to a trustworthy caretaker.

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