Burbank Animal Law Attorney

The Animal Protectorates™ Is On Your Side

Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law is a strong advocate for the rights of animals who cannot protect themselves. She is the founder and current treasurer of The Animal Protectorates™ (TAPS), a California non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to animal welfare. Attorney Rios represents clients in all kinds of animal welfare cases, from dog defense cases to the suing of companies and individuals who have practiced animal cruelty or gross negligence toward animals.

Animals have rights just like humans do, and Attorney Rios will fight for them.

California Animal Law Practice Areas

Burbank animal rights attorney Shelley Rios can provide excellent legal counsel and representation in any of the following animal law cases:

Do you need a animal protection lawyer in Los Angeles? Call our firm if you need to protect your rights, your pets rights, or the rights of any animal.

Our Accomplishments for Animal Welfare in Los Angeles

Under Burbank C.R.O.P.S (Citizens for Rescue-Only Pet Stores), we have helped to get an ordinance enacted in the city of Burbank to prevent pet stores from selling puppies that originated from "puppy mills." In these breeding facilities, dogs are kept and bred for decades without feeling grass or human touch and are forced to breed at every cycle.

TAPS also participates in animal rescue endeavors such as "Help STOP Desert Dog Death Camp," where countless dogs are stranded while a woman fights county code enforcement from removing junker vehicles from her property where she has been hoarding dogs. Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law can represent you or an animal in an animal rights case of any kind.

Animal Lawyer Protecting Animal Rights in Los Angeles & Burbank, CA

If you know of an animal or a cause that needs a Burbank and Los Angeles animal welfare attorney, do not hesitate to call Attorney Rios to discuss the matter. She will answer any questions you have through an initial consultation and help you to understand what your legal options are, as well as how she can help. We would like nothing more than to help you save an animal from cruelty and neglect. Together, we can protect the rights of animals who are incapable of protecting themselves.

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