Attorney Shelley Rizzotti to Speak at Business of Saving Lives Conference

Attorney Shelley Rios is more than a Burbank real estate, estate planning, and probate administration attorney-she is also an aggressive advocate for animal welfare. She is passionate about protecting pets that are unable to protect themselves. In addition to practicing in the legal field of animal law, Attorney Rizzotti is Vice-Chair of the Animal Law Guild. Thanks to her role as Vice-Chair, she has been asked to speak at the 2015 Helen Woodward Animal Welfare Center's Business of Saving Lives Conference.

What is the Business of Saving Lives Conference?

The Helen Woodward Animal Welfare Center is a nonprofit organization that provides services connecting people with animals. In addition to educational and therapeutic programs for people based on their interactions with animals, humane care and adoptions are promoted. The Center hosts an annual conference, called the Business of Saving Lives Conference. At this conference, information is provided on how to increase animal adoptions and lower the rates of euthanasia for animal welfare organizations nationwide.

Due to her involvement in the Animal Law Guild, Attorney Rios will be speaking at the "Image as an Effective Tool in Your Animal Advocacy Arsenal" session during the Business of Saving Lives Conference. According to Attorney Rios, the most effective animal advocates come from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life, but all need to remember to act professionally and come together to move the law forward for the protection of all animals. Her speech will work to bridge these gaps to allow everyone to become better advocates for their beloved animals and animals in their community.

About the Animal Law Guild & Attorney Rios

The Animal Law Guild is a nonprofit group of attorneys and legal students that are dedicated to using legal advocacy in order to make the world a better place for animals. In her role as Vice-Chair, Attorney Rios has focused her efforts on grassroots efforts and improving the effectiveness of animal law. With so much focus on animal welfare and how the law can advance the safety and protection of animals nationwide, Attorney Rizzotti was a natural selection for involvement in the Business of Saving Lives Conference.

For her work with animals, Attorney Rios was named Burbank's Best Attorney by The Burbank Leader. With tireless advocacy and dedication to animal welfare, she is the natural choice if you are in need of an animal advocacy lawyer. Call our firm for a free no-obligation consultation today and protect the animals that cannot protect themselves!

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