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Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law offers legal services to clients in Burbank and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Founding Attorney Rizzotti dedicates her time and effort to helping those who are in need of an estate plan, who need counsel for a real estate transaction, or who need to fight for an animal's legal rights. Do you need a lawyer? Get in touch today!

Estate Planning | Probate | Real Estate Law | Animal Law

Los Angeles Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer

One of the most important steps you can take in your life is to plan your estate. Without proper estate planning, you could cause your family a lot of stress after you are gone. The Los Angeles estate planning lawyer at the firm can guide you through the process of creating a will or a living trust, making it as quick and easy as possible. These documents can help you and your family to avoid the probate process, or at least to make it much faster and simpler. When you choose our firm, your attorney will be compassionate and understanding every step of the way!

Other estate planning matters include Advance Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, and trust administration. These are sensitive, but necessary legal matters that you should consider, so do not hesitate to get caring and experienced legal counsel. Call the firm today!

Real Estate Transaction Attorney in Los Angeles

Attorney Shelley Rios has been professionally involved in real estate matters for more than 20 years. Do you need an attorney to represent your interests in a real estate transaction? Look no further! The firm can provide a Los Angeles real estate transaction lawyer to handle the legal aspects of your transaction and to assist you in making the best possible decisions.

Contact a Los Angeles lawyer from Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law today if you are facing an estate planning, probate, or real estate matter!

animal welfare Attorney in Los Angeles

Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law has more than 20 years of legal experience in several fields of law, and continues to advocate for animal welfare and animal welfare. As the founder and current treasurer of The animal welfare Protectorates™ (TAPS), Attorney Rios devotes her time and energy in her legal practice, as well as on her own time.

Our firm has several accomplishments with animal welfare advocacy in California. With Burbank Citizens for Rescue-Only Pet Stores (C.R.O.P.S.), TAPS helped enact a city ordinance in Burbank that prevents pet stores from selling puppies originating from puppy mills—which are breeding facilities where dogs are bred for decades without exposure to the outside world and human touch, and forced to breed in cycles. TAPS also participates in animal rescue endeavors to help keep animals out of harm's way.

Qualified Legal Assistance with Your Animal Law Issues

Attorney Rios provides excellent counsel and representation for the following:

Our firm's dedicated animal lawyer has years of legal experience and a strong dedication to protecting the rights and welfare of animals and pets. Whether you have questions about your rights as an activist or you plan to take legal action to resolve an issue, contact Shelley Rios, Attorney at Law today and get in touch with a skilled legal professional.

Animals Are Protected by California Law

The California Penal Code contains many laws and provisions outlining the welfare of animals and what is considered animal cruelty. This includes animals in confinement, pet shops, and transportation. Whether you operate a pet shop or are a pet owner, it is important to understand the laws regarding animal welfare in California and get informed on safe practices concerning animals and pets.

It is not uncommon for individuals to be unaware that a particular action they take or neglect to take may be constituted as animal cruelty. However, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. The animal law attorney at our firm may help you get informed on the provisions of animal welfare and what steps you can take to prevent animal cruelty. Contact our firm to learn more.

Are you seeking information about animal law in California or intending to take legal action in a case? Contact the Los Angeles animal lawyer at our firm!

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